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Our Policies


  • Increasing customer satisfaction with quality policy that meets our customers' requirements and expectations.
  • Updating our processes and continuously improving to ensure competitive edge at the international level observing Environment and WHS conditions.
  • Increasing productivity and profitability by minimizing production costs.
  • Setting out quality targets in line with the philosophy of ultimate quality.

*Our quality policy’s competence to the changing conditions is controlled and assured by the senior management periodically.

*Tosçelik Quality Management System based on our Quality Policy is implemented in all the functions and levels within our organization. Qualified personnel, production tools, service and additional resources is provided accordingly.


We, Tosyalı Holding, attach importance to our employees' health, safety and environmental management by adopting the "Human First" and "Sustainable Development" approaches.

We pay special attention to sustain our activities by preventing environmental pollution and using natural resources at the optimum level.

We are committed to the principle “No work is as urgent and important as to risk human life in danger”  in order to raise the Work Health & Safety and Environmental awareness level, and we follow the developments in science and technology accordingly.

We determine and control the Work Health & Safety and Environmental Risks related to our business activities in a systematic manner in line with Legal Legislation, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards. We accept and commit to determine the objectives that are improving continuously each year within an optimum budget and observed performance accordingly.


Our HR policy is to conduct our business in line with "TOSYALI" values,

  • With a systematic approach,

  • Consistenly improving and standardizing,

  • Utilizing measurable results.

Our objective is to create an employee profile that;

  • Learns and creates information,

  • Solves problems,

  • Takes Responsibility,

  • Owns cooperative and leader spirit,

  • Adopts to corporate culture and feels belonging.


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