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Tosçelik Special Steel, as company principle, gives importance to their employees, aspires to nurture their motivation at work and encourages team work.

Therefore, we organized an adventurous teambuilding activity for our employees yesterday. We decided that rafting on Tara River would be a great opportunity to both have a break from everyday work and encourage the team work spirit.

Our team members enjoyed the rafting full of adrenaline, and strengthened their bonds with each other.
We would like to thank all our team members for joining us. We are glad to share this adventure with you all.

We care about our working conditions and environment since as employees we spend most of our time in working premises. In order to achieve productivity we need to keep the workplace clean and be aware that the work space is a mirror of us.

Therefore, we have decided to organize periodic team cleaning of the work space and the factory landscape and today was the first action that lasted three hours. Thanks to our team work, our space is more beautiful and neat now. Thanks everyone that participated.

Paying attention to the integrity and sincerity, and sticking to our core values, the application of the company traditions has been one of the main corporate values leading the Management since May 2012. The Women’s Day Celebration is one of Tosçelik’s significant traditions.

The events in the business world have never been so challenging and complex, and only stronger players indicate the significance of the team based and socially responsible work environment. Having in mind that we have been organizing our gatherings in harmony with our ideals and values, the Management of Tosçelik Nikšić has organized a dinner party for all the female employees in our company for the Women’s Day celebration occasion. The Management representatives accompanied the ladies throughout the dinner party as well.